Virtual Tours – a modern way to discover real estate properties in Greece

A 3D tour is the modern way to view any space / property not only for the domestic but for any individual abroad!

Using the latest virtual reality technology, we’re delighted to offer you the latest cutting-edge 360 degree virtual tours, to capture and present your property/business/space in truly stunning fashion.


Virtual viewing grants prospective homebuyers, investors, tourists, etc. an advanced way to view properties where they are fully in control of a 360° view of the whole property with the ability to walk from room to room. (A fully immersive 3D walk-through experience is also available with the use of a 3D headset.)This revolutionary concept overpowers the outdated static pictures and allows more prospect clients to get closer to any property, have a better feel/aesthetics of the whole space.


The benefits here provide this valuable opportunity for not only domestic but also overseas web surfers to go deep into the space advertised, creating a positive impression in saving time and money and of course a more fun but more realistic experience that can be accessed 24/7.

Rabit360 uses technology that will transform the way your property is marketed, scanning each room to deliver fast, visually stunning and consistent results and offer accurate walkthroughs to allow property  hunters the opportunity to grasp an overview of the shape of rooms. This allows the viewer to view every angle and room at their own pace on their computer, tablet or even phone from the luxury of their home.


Once created and developed at affordable prices, our walkthroughs are easily embeddable on websites, and provide a great amount of user interaction, with the average viewing time between 3-4 minutes, much longer than with photo or other content.